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audio networking


Audio networking: looser ties

In the first part of our special report on audio networking, Phil Ward discusses the current state of the art, and discovers how technology developments...


Care home expands with Symetrix DSP

Medford Leas, a retirement home in Medford, New Jersey, added a wing to house its long-term care facility. A requirement here was selectable music throughout the...


AES67 plug fest: RAVENNA – mixing it up

RH Consulting is testing different manufacturers’ AES67-compatible equipment to see how the interoperability standard works in practice, in a rolling plug fest for AES67. Here’s the...


AES67 plug fest – a trip to Munich

Here’s a second post from independent consultancy RH Consulting on its rolling plug fest for AES67 – testing different manufacturers’ AES67-compatible equipment.  After rushing into our plug...

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