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Electro-Voice and Dynacord impress on ‘The Roof of Indochina’

Electro-Voice and Dynacord sound system solution for outdoor visitor complex stretching across the tallest peak in Vietnam

A sound reinforcement solution from Electro-Voice and Dynacord is enhancing the visiting experience at Fansipan Peak, an expansive religious and tourist attraction at the top of the tallest mountain in Vietnam, ‘The Roof of Indochina’. The complex stretches across the peak and features traditional Buddhist temples, the world’s longest three-line cable car system, a funicular railway and viewing platforms with awe-inspiring views across the surrounding Hoàng Liên mountain range and Hoàng Liên National Park.

Combining Electro-Voice loudspeakers and Dynacord power amplifiers, Truong Thinh Sound–Light Equipment JSC installed a system suitable for providing audio for live performances and religious activities while also withstanding the harsh conditions at 3143 meters above sea level – from extreme cold down to -8°C and humidity up to 100%, along with heavy rain, wind, fog, hail and snow.

The systems delivers wide, even coverage for the music that accompanies the year-round program of traditional dance performances and other festivities. To achieve this, the team at Truong Thinh recommended fibreglass versions of all the Electro-Voice loudspeakers, weatherised and IP55-rated for direct-exposure outdoor environments. A total of twenty X1i 12in two-way line-array models are available for deployment on mobile trussing anywhere around the complex, with array size selected according to the application. Low frequency support is via eight X12i-128 subwoofers, with six Dynacord IPX20:4 power amplifiers (4 x 5000 W) driving the X1i system.

Six Electro-Voice 12in two‑way full‑range models with a 90° x 60° rotatable waveguide design supply near-field and medium-throw coverage, installed at the very top of the peak where the national flag of Vietnam is planted – powered by a pair of Dynacord L3600FD amplifiers.

“We are very pleased with the professional audio systems by Electro-Voice and Dynacord operated on Fansipan, even in extreme weather conditions and at a height of more than 3100 meters,” said Mr Phan Tat Thang, VP of Fansipan Sa Pa co Ltd. “Furthermore, without the valuable assistance from the enthusiastic and experienced team of Truong Thinh Sound–Light Equipment JSC, the project would have not been completed to this high standard.”