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Electro-Voice and Dynacord electronics power Kong Complex

Each space at the multi-site venue in Glasgow, Scotland, benefits from an individually tailored sound system of Electro-Voice loudspeakers and Dynacord electronics

Dynacord’s MXE5 Matrix mix engine combined with hundreds of Electro-Voice loudspeakers for a recent installation at Glasgow’s Kong Complex, a multi-site venue comprising a variety of individual areas, ranging from bars and restaurants to night clubs and event spaces. Each space benefits from an individually tailored sound system of the Electro-Voice loudspeakers and Dynacord electronics, all networked via four MXE5 performance matrices.

Located in the heart of Glasgow city centre, Kong has been created as a day and night destination featuring two bars, three separate open-air winter terraces and a night club. Glasgow-based Flashlite Technical Services was tasked with designing the sound system for the whole complex.

Arthur Achard, senior sales manager UK for Dynacord and Electro-Voice, explained: “Flashlite wanted a system that could be fully IP-networked across the whole site. In order to do this, Dynacord MXE5 matrices were deployed along with TPC-1 touch panel controllers and networked WPN-1 wall panels. All MXE5 matrices can work inside one network, so the system can be easily accessed remotely and can be monitored while in use. Having so many venues to cater for, the MXE5 proved to be a flexible and powerful solution to fulfil the technical requirements.”

With the MXE5 matrices in control, the rest of the solution drew on the portfolio of Electro-Voice and Dynacord. From ZX1i-100T loudspeakers driven by C Series amplifiers on the terraces to EVID 4.2T cabinets covering the corridors, or ZX3 loudspeakers with L Series amplifiers in the bar to X12-128 subwoofers in the club, the sound quality follows customers everywhere they go within the complex.

The venue features hundreds of loudspeakers, but the most critical set-up can be found in the Wunderbar Ballroom performance space. This dedicated live music venue and bar features performances from DJs and live bands every day of the week. To support these performances, three TX1122 and 11 ZX1i loudspeakers form the main system, supported by four TX2181 dual-18in subwoofers.

On stage, a pair of MFX-15MC multi-use coax monitors and a further two TX1152FM floor monitors provide foldback for performers. Power for the system is via three IPX10:8 amplifiers alongside a single IPX20:4. There is also an MXE5 matrix and a pair of TPC-1 wall panel controllers to give the venue’s staff intuitive control over the whole system. 

Andrew O’Neill, director, Flashlite, commented: “The MXE5 devices allowed total configuration with ease and the TPC-1s have multiple pages to allow control of each area independently and also control of the same area from multiple panels. This was all handled through SONICUE sound system software which we found to be an incredibly powerful package. MXE5 combined with IPX amplifiers make life a lot easier than the alternative.”

Achard concluded: “This project was complex and covered a diverse range of entertainment areas. The ability to mix and match amplifiers and speakers from the Electro-Voice and Dynacord families to cater to the specific needs of each space from powerful SPLs to unobtrusive form-factors made sure that we could provide a complete end-to-end solution for the whole Kong Complex.”