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Bluesound Professional to highlight innovation in commercial AV with new podcast and video series

The Surroundscapes content will look at innovative AV and installation work with a raft of industry experts

Bluesound Professional, a distributed streaming audio ecosystem for commercial spaces, has announced a new podcast and video series called Surroundscapes, highlighting innovation across the world of AV..

The series is targeted at commercial AV integrators, consultants, as well as business owners, interested in creating immersive experiences in retail, hospitality, wellness, and office environments.

Hosted by Graeme Harrison, VP and GM of Bluesound Professional, Surroundscapes will feature input from some of the industry’s leading AV experts.

“Surroundscapes has been many months in the making and I’m extremely excited to be able to share what we’ve been working on,” said Harrison. “Our first set of guests include some very forward thinkers like Julian Treasure, renowned expert in sound and communications and five-time TED Talk speaker, and Rob Anders from Niio, a digital art platform that powers some of the most inspiring multimedia art installations in the world.”

Surroundscapes is presented in quarterly mini-series, with each comprised of five to eight episodes of audio podcasts and video presentations focused on a specific topic within the central theme of the ‘future of business’. Created for mobile consumption, the Surroundscapes podcast is an interview-style content series hosted by Harrison, where he and an invited expert guest explore the use of AV technologies in shaping human perceptions and experiences of space, and their impacts on consumer and audience behavior.

Meanwhile, the Surroundscapes video segment features some of Harrison’s guests from the podcast where the guest narrates a presentation, taking the viewer through the thinking, design, implementation, and impact behind some of the most sensational state-of-the-art projects using the senses of sound and of sight.

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“Initially, we were thinking only of a podcast but as we started to list out who we wanted as guests, it quickly became apparent that it would be difficult to show the breadth of innovations our guests were involved in without a video element,” said June Ip, VP of marketing for Lenbrook International, the parent company of Bluesound Professional. “We therefore decided to create two streams of content – a podcast for listeners who are on the road a lot like installers and business owners, and video presentations for those who want to take in a multimedia experience.”

Launching August 4, 2020, and featuring six podcast episodes and two video presentations that will be released weekly, the first Surroundscapes mini-series acknowledges the challenges that many retail and hospitality businesses face post-pandemic.

“We hear the term ‘new normal’ quite a lot these days,” said Harrison. “As we look into the medium-term of the pandemic’s impact, it will be fascinating to explore how the A/V installation industry and its various tangential industries will adapt and evolve their ways of thinking about multisensory experiences.”

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