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Audac releases speaker/amplifier sets to simplify choice for installers

Audio manufacturer Audac has released a whole range of ‘set solutions’, comprising loudspeaker and amplifier combinations for specific applications.

The new set solutions are the result of Audac’s audio engineers’ recommendations, and are designed to help installers choose between the company’s acoustic solutions. The product descriptions on the company’s website indicate whether a set it suitable for speech and/or music, and there is also an indication of the distance that the audio solution will cover. Suggested application areas are also given.

For example, the Congress2.3 set is recommended for intelligibility of speech and music over an area of around 60sqm in education, corporate spaces, houses of worship and public facilities. It comprises two AXIR column speakers and a 10in BASO10 bass cabinet, powered by an SMQ350 amplifier. By contrast, the AGRO7.10 set is designed to spread music and announcements an area of around 120sqm in bars and restaurants, retail, education, hotels, public facilities and corporate spaces. It comprises ten CS575 two-way 5.25in ceiling speakers and a COM12 amplifier.

Click on this link to see the full range of set solutions.