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Xtreme display shines in the sun

The latest generation of Peerless-AV’s 55in Xtreme High Bright Outdoor Display can cope with higher temperatures than the previous version. The new XHB553-EUK retains its IP66 rating and feature set, but weighs 25% less and offers mechanical and operating system enhancements, including thermal load diffusion, customised brightness scheduling, power saving and pixel shifting.

In hot desert or sunny climates, the fan cooled XHB553-EUK counters heat build-up from extended exposure to direct sunlight. The display’s operating temperature ranges from -35°C to 60°C, while its patented thermal exhaust system cools internal components in extreme heat. It also offers 2500nits of light output and an ambient light sensor that automatically adjusts brightness to match conditions, to reduce light pollution in evening hours and optimise power consumption.

It includes a gyroscopic sensor to detect any movement of the display. An IK10 tempered cover glass offers protection against vandalism and debris. Other new features include auto-source switching if the main source fails, power scheduling and horizontal or vertical Pixel Shifting to avoid image retention with static content. There is a new power save mode, while the LAN port can also reduce power consumption when the display is not active.