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UHD display and colour-calibrated videowall

Sharp has unveiled a slim new 70in Ultra HD monitor and a 55in display for videowalls with sophisticated colour calibration.

“We’re expanding our 4K portfolio and just released a 70in 4K monitor. It’s a different concept from 4K displays we see on other stands. It’s designed for elegant lifestyle, and is equally at home in a graphic design studio or reception area,” said Michael Bailly, product planning and marketing director, Visual Solutions, Sharp Europe. The PN-H701 has a UV2A Sharp panel offering “very strong contrast and very vivid colours”.

The new 55in PN-V551 videowall monitor offers advanced colour calibration and “has two look-up tables for 1D and 3D compensation, so you can get perfect white point uniformity from edge to centre, and between displays.” It is being shown in a four-monitor, UHD videowall.

Also new is the PN-Y range (32, 42, 47 and 55in) all-in-one display, with an embedded USB-based media player (something the PN-H701 also has). It can default to USB if the main input fails, “so it will never go blank,” he said. There is also an upgraded PN-E range, “which is very thin, with all the inputs you need”.