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Towers of strength

Five ranges of lifting towers are on show from Fenix, offering a variety of loading capacity and applications.

The entry level in the telescopic ELV Series, the ELV-100/31 has a maximum height of 3.80m and weighs 26kg but is able to lift up to 100kg, while the ELV-300/6, which weighs 100kg, has a maximum height of 6.10m and is able to carry three times its own weight.

The new Megara Series of towers have the same specifications and advantages as the ELV series but are positioned at a much more affordable price for customers, says Fenix. In addition there is the Megara 125, a 46kg tower capable of lifting 125kg and a maximum height of 4.50m. The lifting towers in the Megara range use a traditional outrigger system, which allows for quick and easy assembly.

The AT Series are front loading lifting towers, available in three models: AT-04, AT-05 and AT-06. They are available in a choic of two colours: aluminium and black. Fenix says the AT series are perfect for flying line array systems, with the top of the range model standing a maximum height of 6.50m and able to lift 250kg.

The Hercules series are super frontal loading lifting towers, available in two models.cHercules 6.5 is the strongest, able to lift up to 350kg, while Hercules 8 can reach the greater height, a maximum of 8m.

The IN series is composed of two models of aluminium lifting towers, which Fenix says are perfect for raising structures and industrial equipment. The 3.90m IN-3 can lift 180kg, while the IN-4 has greater reach with an extended height of 5.10m, but has a maximum load pegged at 150kg.