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Smaller, lighter and better looking Renkus-Heinz

For the first time, Renkus-Heinz is showcasing its new T and C Series speakers. These follow on from the TRX and CRX ranges, and like those, the new systems are designed for installed sound applications, including houses of worship and performing arts centres.

The two speaker ranges are based on the same core designs with the C series as standard designs and the T series, which will be built in the USA, offering custom finishes, colours and form options.

There are a total of nine speaker systems in the off-the-shelf C series, including two sub units, and ten in the T series, all offering a range of sizes, powers and directivities. Apart from the substantial refreshed look and finish of the new systems, they both feature Renkus-Heinz’s

Complex Conic Waveguides to provide constant beam-width and directivity.

Michal Poplawski, European technical sales manager for Renkus-Heinez, noted, “For the C and T Series, the weight and the size of the boxes have been reduced and they are much more elegant.”

The current releases are all passive speakers, but they will be followed by the active CA and TA versions. “The self-powered units will be available later this year,” said Poplawski, “ and the amplifiers will be powerful enough to drivean additional passive version of the same speaker. They will have a range of inputs from analogue audio all the way up to Dante, so we are thinking more about the system and not just the product.”

Stand: 7-X185