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Share, collaborate, develop and innovate

With the continuing success and growth of collaborative working, Top-Tec Synergy tables provide an agile, dynamic and interactive solution that is poised for AV integration, setting the high standard expected from educational furniture today, claims the company.

Table shape is key, says Top-Tec, since the integration of users changes depending upon whether the group or screen has primary focus. The Synergy range offers distinct table shapes all designed to fit specific user requirements, ranging from a two-person Huddle space to a 20 seat workspace.

The shapes consist of: Quad, a classic shape ideal for environments where students can share content and discuss ideas around a shared screen; the Plectrum shape, ergonomically designed to promote group focus and engagement, using the screen as a resource; and the Plectrum Reverse, ideal for video conferencing and presentation requirements, where the screen has focus for the group.

Also, Synergy Folding & Revolve is effective where space is at a premium as the table is said to be easily converted to a mobile unit in less than three minutes. Synergy Teardrop is ideal for smaller huddle spaces, says Top-Tec, and the Height Adjustable model is equipped with an electrically height adjustable area that rises sufficiently to facilitates users with special height requirements.

New to the range is the Blade shape, designed with an expanded worktop to allow more contributors to sit at the table with the screen still being used as a primary resource.

Stand: 13-E80