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New functionality for RTI touchpanels

Now available as a free firmware update, RTI’s new intercom capability enables audio communication between RTI user interfaces and third-party devices via the standard SIP protocol.
Said to be perfect for front doors, gates, delivery docks, and intra-office settings, RTI says that the intercom function adds convenience and security to any commercial or residential automation system, allowing users to check entrance points without opening the door. Features include auto answer, device-to-device calling, and ‘push-to-talk’ mode.

A future update will enable video calling. RTI interfaces that support the new intercom functionality include the T3x handheld remote, CX7 countertop/under-cabinet touchpanel, and the KX7 and KX3 in-wall touchpanels.

The KX3 is also on show at ISE. Featuring a 3.5in colour LCD display and five customisable hard buttons, it combines the capabilities of both a touchscreen controller and a control processor within a single, cost-effective unit. This, says the company, allows the flexible KX3 to be used as an all-in-one, standalone solution for control over electronic systems or integrated as an in-wall touch panel within a larger RTI control system.

Future updates to the KX3 will add even more powerful features, RTI says, such as the benefits of an advanced control processor – including an astronomical clock and the ability to run two-way drivers – as well as a built-in 2.4GHz ZigBee antenna for connectivity with RTI wireless remotes. Other capabilities will include sense ports, relay control, built-in intercom, Wi-Fi, and more.

Stand: 1-N75