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New KNX solutions presented at ISE 2013

At this year’s ISE, the KNX Association stand will be showcasing a variety of solutions from KNX member manufacturers, all of them developed to provide hi-tech solutions for building automation and a greener home.

Intelligent building systems technology based on the KNX standard provides variable control of multimedia technology throughout the entire home and building. KNX manufacturers are developing solutions for so-called multi-room systems, which are becoming increasingly simple and convenient – for both the user as well as the installer.

Visitors to the KNX stand will find solutions for visualisation on portable devices (smartphones, tables and PCs), remote communication as well as audio and video applications in home automation.

Italian manufacturer Divus will be showcasing the new Divus Optima Interface, the front end to the KNX server, which enables you to manage your building reliably and efficiently. As a basis for the system, the ETS project (ETS3/ETS4) can be imported into the KNX CONTROL device, allowing the creation of all group addresses and their icons. Also on show is the Divus KNX Server, a scalable visualization system, which provides either a basic cost-effective version or an advanced and enterprise server, offering additional functionality.

Domatica – Global Solutions will be displaying the KNX Server, the ultimate controller tool for the KNX protocol. It allows communication between KNX/IP networks and other systems like ZigBee, ModBus, Dali, DMX, iDom and X-10, simultaneously. It includes a free of charge and powerful software tool for complex and logic programming, including an unlimited scenario builder. With Plug&Play features it’s possible to download Home Automation Applications from the App Store or Google Play, ready-to-use, without any extra configuration. It also provides a free API for programmers that want to develop in Windows, Linux, iOS or Android.

German manufacturer iKNiX, will be presenting the new Smartphone Controller for Apple and Android devices, the KNX- proServ. It offers a complete visualization for all different phone and tablet resolutions designed and programmed in ETS with no additional software/editor needed. By importing the ETS database application into ETS, you can choose the room names and add all kinds of KNX functions including lights, blinds, heating/cooling, RGB LED, scenes, alarm and status information, URL schemes as well as weather information. The product also features no license fees, the inclusion of ten users at the same time, free RTI driver and a fully-fledged ETS programming gateway.

The new amena70-VI touchpanel from Tci offers an Android platform for building automation. With the continuous glass surface the multi-touch display provides the same degree of operating ease as smartphones. The touch panel is fixed installed on the wall and enables the entire range of Android apps for e-mail, weather, movies, games, radio and much more, with a high level of security. The touchpanels are 24/7 capable, durable and without fan and hard disc the power-saving system works maintenance free and noiseless. The integrated microphone and speaker with echo-cancelling provides high audio quality while a sensor measures the temperature and brightness in the room. Installation can be performed overlapped using a flush box or flush-fitted using a plaster-in housing.

Stand: 7-S200