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Introducing the EXP platform

A new platform aimed at the retail market, Scala EXP, aims to act as the bridge between the online and in-store channels and to allow store owners to create, manage and deliver engaging experiences. With Scala EXP, stores and the devices within engage and respond to customers similarly to the store’s current online experiences.

Scala EXP aims to make it easier to connect physical and virtual worlds, offering a number of ways for customers to connect with a store’s brand, engaging them meaningfully via audio and visuals, both on-screen and physically. Then, Scala EXP analyses those interactions and data, which allows the store owner to optimise content.

Scala EXP gives store owners the ability to create and deploy experiences leveraging and co-ordinating all available contextual assets and customer data. This includes product data and pricing, competitive pricing information, product recommendations, in-store digital signage, consumer mobile apps, employee facing tablets and devices, in-store and GPS location awareness, customer usage data/analytics and
CRM data.

Several usages of the EXP platform within a retail and QSR environment are being shown.