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Get close to the EdgeMax with Bose

ISE visitors are being invited to experience Bose Professional’s new EdgeMax in-ceiling premium loudspeakers during the company’s ‘new technology’ demonstrations at ISE. Held at 9:30, 12:00 and 14:30 on Thursday 8 February (with advanced registration recommended at the Bose Professional stand), the sessions aim to demonstrate EdgeMax’s ability to deliver coverage patterns typical of larger surface-mount loudspeakers, the company says.

EdgeMax features proprietary Bose PhaseGuide technology, which provides room-filling coverage while improving overall sound quality compared to the performance of conventional ceiling loudspeakers, the company claims.

Designed for mounting near wall boundaries, EdgeMax projects sound throughout rooms up to 26m wide using only perimeter mounting locations. They are said to effectively cover an area that would require up to four conventional conical-coverage models. This, Bose says, eliminates the need for conventional ceiling speakers mounted in the center of rooms, or surface-mount loudspeakers mounted on walls.

Loudspeakers are available with two different horizontal coverage patterns. EdgeMax EM90 models provide nominal 90º horizontal coverage for in-ceiling mounting near room corners. EdgeMax EM180 models provide nominal 180º horizontal coverage for in-ceiling mounting near wall boundaries centered along target coverage zones. Both models feature 75º asymmetrical vertical coverage, optimised for ceiling heights between 2.5m and 6m.

Stand: 7- S200