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European Handball referee communication

The European Handball Federation (EHF) has chosen the Axitour AXIWI communication system as its ‘standard’ referee communication system. AXIWI will be used by elite referees for the next three years during the European Championships, the Champions League and other international handball games and tournaments at the highest level.

The AXIWI communication system is a full duplex and hands free two-directional, four-channel communication system. A compact communication system measuring 65mm x 32mm x 22mm and weighing 39g including battery, it allows up to five referees to communicate simultaneously as if they were on the phone, with an ‘open’ line connection, while up to 250 people per channel can listen to the conversation. AXIWI offers a direct open line connection, with Push-to-Talk possible and a reach of around 250m. Its rechargeable battery lasts between eight and 10 hours.

The AXIWI communication system was designed to set a new standard for communication technology in sports between referees and officials.

“The use of the AXIWI communications system by the EHF means the national handball federations may follow, which ensures a further professionalisation of the arbitration in the entire
handball sport,” commented

Ben Engelen, director of Axitour Communication Systems.

“AXIWI is already very active within the realm of national and international handball and also in many other sports,” he added. “The AXIWI communication system has been purchased by various international handball federations, including the Icelandic Handball Federation, the Austrian Handball Federation, the Finnish Handball Federation, the Czech Handball Federation and the Slovak Handball Federation.”

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