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Delphiniums with decibels from James Loudspeaker

When is a speaker not a speaker? When it’s a plant pot. The new Omni Planter landscape speaker range from James Loudspeaker is engineered for applications where in-ground solutions are not practical. The speakers incorporate a down-firing subwoofer and deliver 360° of sparkling clear entertainment, claims the company.

Each of the three models accommodates a decorative plant of choice nestled into the top section of the all-aluminium, powder-coated loudspeaker enclosure, available in an array of standard and custom colours. Typical applications include rockscape areas or any other environment where traditional satellite/subwoofer combinations cannot be installed.

The Omni Planters are also intended for large open seating venues, such as outdoor theatres, that demand detailed and dynamic coverage as well as high output. Custom colours and configurations are available, including units without rear-firing satellites when situated in a corner or against a wall. Sturdy, tamper-proof brackets and bolts allow the Omni Planter to suit commercial applications and aid securing to solid surfaces, such as concrete.

Prices range from $2,400 for the Omni Planter 89AT4-P with 3in satellites and an 8in subwoofer to $3,400 for the Omni Planter 129AT4-P with 6in satellites and a 12in subwoofer.

Stand: 7-P205