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Canon’s 10 years of 8K development

Canon’s range of 8K lenses has been in development for a decade

If – when? – 8K becomes an industry reality, Canon believes it is well prepared for the change, having developed an 8K-compatible 10x zoom lens as long ago as 2009 and has continued the development ever since. 

At ISE, the company will showcase its 8K capability, including the latest development of its 8K broadcast lenses. These include the multi-purpose portable zoom lens 7ex10.7 KAS S and Canon’s first 8K field zoom lens UHD-DIGISUPER 51. In these lenses, Canon says it manages to achieve ultra-high resolution with excellent optical performance from the centre to the peripheral areas of the image.               

The company has already experimented with 8K for a live video transmission of a rugby match in Japan. The match was captured with a Canon 8K camera and lens and transmitted to a Canon 8K HDR display and projector system comprising four Canon 4K HDR projector units. Canon has reconstructed a similar demonstration on its ISE stand.