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Base lines up for sound dampening

The Microphone Base is on show for the first time, designed for use with the d:screet SC4098 Podium Microphone. In conjunction with its distributor Amptec, DPA is showcasing the new product and holding demo sessions to demonstrate it on the stand.

The Microphone Base can be placed on a table or podium, or attached to the ceiling or wall. It has an internal shock mount that highly dampens unwanted sounds from tables and lecterns, securing a trouble-free installation. It is available in two colours – black and white – and comes with either a MicroDot connector, an XLR connector, or unterminated leads for connections to Phoenix blocks.

The d:screet capsule is mounted on a sleek boom that, for the tabletop version, has a gooseneck that allows users to position the mic exactly where they want it.

To make it easier for installers to choose the right microphone and base for their needs, DPA has assembled a range of kits, each containing a different connector solution. Customers can also buy the microphone base and microphone separately so that they can mix and match connectors, base colours and gooseneck lengths.

Stand: 7-T235