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Avonic goes automatic for the teachers

Walter Harrewijn, the CEO of event capture/recording and crewless production company Avonic, is convinced that the new T-REX automated tracking system for events is able to score points over competitive offerings, in part because of its ability to capture live events in an unobtrusive manner and without the need for a crew.

T-REX uses three pan-tilt-zoom cameras within a venue to avoid moving cameras in a live environment, does not require presenters to wear any equipment, and tracks movements using artificial intelligence-based algorithms that can also be adapted to account for cultural differences.

Avonic is initially targeting the system at universities, which can then capture and stream lectures and other events in order to raise their profile by addressing a broader audience. T-REX is currently being piloted at the university in the Dutch town of Wageningen, and Harrewijn said other universities in the Netherlands as well as in France and the UK are lining up to trial the system. The aim is to start shipping T-REX by the end of 2019, Harrewijn added.

Other potential venues where T-REX could be deployed in future include theatres, company training rooms, shareholder meetings, churches and more. Indeed, with T-REX Avonic is able to build on its core business of cameras that are specially designed to work in low-light conditions.

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