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Amina launches smallest invisible speaker

ISE 2019 provides the opportunity for Amina Technologies to launch what it believes to be the world’s smallest invisible speaker to date.

At just 200mm wide, 450mm high and 78mm deep, the new Amina Mobius1 is said to provide full range, ultra-wide dispersion sound reproduction, generating rich warm tones from a device that is completely invisible in application. According to the company, it is simple for a single person to fit, and takes up less space in increasingly cluttered ceiling voids where other infrastructure takes precedence.

Made in Britain, the Amina Mobius1 is the latest incarnation of Amina’s resonant soundboard technology, continuously developed over the last 20 years by its research team. It features the company’s new ‘Bass Element’ technology which allows a narrow panel surface to reproduce rich, warm low frequencies.

Stand: 1-N15E