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A brighter mirror TV from Agath

Being shown for the first time at ISE is the Super Clear TV from French manufacturer Agath, who specialise in mirror TVs for luxury hotels, high-end residential, yachts and so on. The company claims that it is significantly brighter than other mirror TVs available, and that the mirror delivers superior reflectivity when the TV is not in use. As with Agath’s other TV products, models are available for mounting in-wall and on-wall, and with either integrated electronics or a separate electronic module.

Agath describes its TVs as professional-grade displays rather than high street consumer items. They are completely waterproof, so can be installed in areas such as bathrooms, saunas and shower rooms, and are available in screen sizes between 15in and 8in.

One version of the Super Clear comes with a separate electronics module that can be mounted up to five metres from the screen. This, the company points out, has several advantages – notably, in the case of hotels, that in the event of a problem arising, the module can be easily replaced in a few minutes, minimising the chances of breaking the screen itself and also the time the room is out of action.

The company is also presenting its range of TVs, many of which are customisable in terms of finish, or can be fitted with anti-glare screens for very bright environments. Mirrors can be supplied in a bluish or bronze tint.

Agath can also supply speakers that can carry a finish identical to the surrounding wall and that are IP68 rated, meaning that they can also be installed in wet environments.

Stand: 4-R69