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4K PCAP panel in array of displays

On a busy first day of ISE 2018, Vestel rolled out a mix of new displays including a 4K 65in PCAP (projective capacitive) flat panel, a 37in stretch display, a trio of PDU displays and its VW videowalls.

Vestel’s UK head of sales, Mark Dew explained: “We’re showing PCAP for the mainstream sector – education and corporate. It’s a 65in screen and is basically much more responsive with up to 20-point touch control. We’ve also got the 37in NB Stretch Display and the Video Walls.

We also have PDU signage, which is interesting as Vestel is all about making something mainstream, so it’s got system-on-chip technology and compatibility with Windows and Android platforms. They can operate in portrait or landscape configuration, which is good when space is at a premium.”

The Vestel PCAP 65in Interactive Flat Panel display has enhanced touch accuracy and pen precision to aid a natural writing experience. The 4K panel has an anti-glare and scratch-resistant screen, 400-nit brightness levels and can be connected to other UHD devices through its HDMI inputs. To support a wider variety of teaching methods, the IFC offers OPS compatibility with Windows as well as Android PC modules.

As an official Microsoft partner, Vestel can offer the panel with Windows 10 pre-installed.

The NB 37 Stretch Display screen also offers higher brightness levels of 700 nits for picture clarity; and with greater anti-glare resistance, it can be fitted in a wider variety of light-reflecting areas, including window display walls as well as mirrored fitting rooms.