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Product focus: New IP phone family released by Poly

The company adds the Poly Edge B Series IP Phones family to its range of audio and video solutions for small businesses and enterprise use cases

Poly has introduced its Poly Edge B Series IP Phones, the company’s newest IP desk phone family which are available in 2- and 4-line key models supporting 8- and 16- line key assignments. 

“The overall design and functionality of the Poly B Series IP Phones hit the entry-level sweet spot for small businesses, emerging markets, and even some enterprise use cases,” said Osman Bicakci, product portfolio manager for Poly Edge B Series Phones.

Poly Edge B10 and B20 allow users to quickly cycle through and access available features like speed dials and extra lines with a fast access pagination key. The Poly Edge B30 has four hard-line keys providing access to 16 additional key assignments. 

Other features of the B Series include background noise elimination, mute key illumination, and compatibility with any headset. Poly Edge B Series IP Phones are now available starting at €86.95.