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VLS takes the Analog Way for Versailles pool project

In addition to the Analog Way equipment, VLS also provided three Christie 25K HD video projectors (producing 52m (W) x 6m (H) images), three Doremi V1 HD players connected in HD-SDI on the Di-Ventix, a monitor for the Di-Ventix, and a video player for the Mayor’s speech. The audio system revolved around d&b C7 loudspeakers.

According to VLS technical manager Cyril Toussaint, the position of the control room in relation to the screens created some challenges for the set-up and execution of this project. “The control room was not facing the wide screens around the swimming pool, so we had to move the [Analog Way] Show Manager laptop station with a network cable on a 5m distance to face the wide screens,” he recalled. “It was extremely useful to be able to make this kind of network connection in order to solve this problem; it allowed us to control the Di-Ventix. In the past, connections were only possible in RS232, which limited us in terms of distance and prevented the multiple ports usage.”

Integral to the project was the equipment from Analog Way, a brand that VLS has been using for seven years. “We definitely recognise their [products ‘] user-friendly management and their flexibility level when working with many interfaces,” said Toussaint. “They are also very stable systems_ I’ve never had any problem with Analog Way systems. The processing quality is good and the image remains steady throughout the diffusion workflow_ You will always get the same quality image on the input and on the output. I also appreciate the fact that the systems are easy to control.”