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Scoring at the opening ceremony: grandMA is a winner at The Gulf Cup

Collison explains his choice of systems: “I always use MA Technology. In my opinion it is the most reliable and flexible control system available. The support from MA is second to none. At no point do I feel alone when building a control system with MA. Yet again MA proved that controlling over 20 DMX streams to 400+ moving lights is easy. I was able to build the show on the console and create a 3D model with ease. This gave me the opportunity to pre-program parts of the show and set myself up for programming.

“Expansion via the NSP nodes was just so easy. I can’t express how simply the whole system goes together. I am very very happy with the MA control system. This show was confirmed 44 days before execution. An amazing effort by all involved to produce a world class ceremony in such a short time. ”