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Police call on Electrosonic

The new control centre for the Derbyshire Constabulary in the UK features Mitsubishi cubes supplied and installed by Electrosonic.

Electrosonic has installed a video wall and image processing system at the Derbyshire Constabulary’s new purpose built control room centre. 

The new control centre located at Butterley Hall, Ripley in Derbyshire, now rivals some of the best facilities in the country. In the centre, multiple images sent from local authorities, site cameras and a helicopter link are received and reviewed on the video wall, enabling the police to monitor and respond to incidents effectively.

“The Electrosonic video wall system gives us the capability to view all of the CCTV images of an incident on a single, highly flexible platform,” said Paul Hawkins, project manager, Derbyshire Police. “This is a huge step forward for incident commanders, who previously would not have had this resource. Electrosonic’s video wall helps us to be effective and efficient in the deployment of resources, and in the command and control of incidents.”

Electrosonic installed the video display wall comprising a 5 x 2 array of Mitsubishi 50” rear projection cubes fed from the Quantum multi-image display processor with 24 CCTV and 10 high resolution RGB sources. The company worked with Tyco Fire and Security, who supplied the CCTV control system for the control room project. Control and placement of the sources was achieved using Tyco’s Mosaic software that was integrated into the Electrosonic-supplied Commander Control Software.

The Quantum Display Wall Processor also fed images to four smaller rooms in the new control centre, so that images that were on the main display wall could be shared for collaboration on larger operations. The Quantum processor and associated command software was originally designed by Electrosonic to deliver high performance multiple images in control rooms. The Quantum range of display processors and command software was recently acquired by Extron, who now produce and market it under the Quantum Elite brand name.

The Electrosonic-supplied Mitsubishi rear projection cubes and the Quantum Processor were assembled and tested in-house, prior to integration on site to ensure that systems performed correctly to the agreed specifications. By building and testing in-house prior to installation, Electrosonic says that it can control and maintain quality and confirm full compliance with safety and statutory regulations, such as the EMC directives. Factory assembly also ensures that systems are ready for installation, reducing site build time, according to the company.