Estonian museum installs new signs for improvement

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Cayin Technology will provide digital signage solution for distributing information over IP network. This is complemented by Telegrupp installing 32 SMP-PRO and 13 CMS performance servers.

On one side of the museum, 12 SMP-PROs are connected to one 40-inch NEC and eleven 32-inch Philips TFT displays. Displays are located at the entrances of the building, at the exhibition halls and at the auditorium. On the other, two CMS Performance servers (offering 8 inputs each for streaming video) and 16 SMP-PRO players are located in a server room, used to convert any analogue inputs into video streams that transit over data network. Finally, 4 SMP-PRO players and one CMS Performance server with 4 inputs are reserved for artists to also allow them to send and receive video signals across the museum.

Incorporating CMS server with SMP-PRO allows the use of centralised and scheduled content update management and real-time streaming video. Administrators can create and schedule playlists of videos, while groups of players can be created and players network status monitored remotely.