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Deliveroo’s London HQ installs Pakedge BakPak networking solution

The restaurant takeaway company Deliveroo has had a flexible Pakedge AV/IT system installed by integration specialist EasyComp in the company’s new office on London’s Tottenham Court Road.

The Pakedge network provided by EasyComp supplies a data connection that can accommodate wireless access for multiple devices, stream AV data from a variety of sources and provide Deliveroo with 24/7 remote monitoring. EasyComp’s integrated network solution offers flexibility, high performance and has also ensured reliable connectivity and stability, with Pakedge as the network backbone.

Installing Pakedge meant that EasyComp could not only manage data traffic and connectivity but also allowed remote network monitoring 24/7 via BakPak, the company’s Cloud Management System.

“Pakedge’s BakPak has totally revolutionised the way we work,” said Durgesh Sinh, owner of EasyComp. “It makes it so easy to manage a project remotely and provides a better, more efficient service to the client. For such an advanced system, BakPak is surprisingly easy to install, which is another major benefit of the system. We now install it on every project we work on, even if it is not budgeted for, because we know it will generate significant added value and savings for us and the client.”

BakPak allows EasyComp to view and monitor the entire network from routers and communications room equipment down to individual devices such as Apple TVs and phones. If there is an issue with the system, an integrator can see where it is and what components or devices are affected. BakPak employs an easy to use interface so that when an integrator has identified the devices with issues, they can power cycle them remotely.

Although Deliveroo’s orders are processed and managed by externally managed servers, the London office still required a high speed, reliable internet connection for web development, administration, monitoring drivers making deliveries all over the country, and operating its customer service call centre. The customer service centre is a crucial part of its operations, so it is vital that the phones, which are run on Power over Ethernet (PoE), always receive a good connection. EasyComp ran all the network through Pakedge’s SX 24P managed switches meaning that they could prioritise the phone connections over data on the network.

EasyComp installed a number of Apple TVs around the office to enable employees to share and view data and presentations, and also to relax together, watching television and films. In addition, Deliveroo specified a Sonos audio system to be installed in the breakout zone. Employees just need to download the Sonos app and can play music through their personal library or internet services.

To allow these services to function reliably, EasyComp prioritised the VLAN that the AV devices were connected to over the VLAN for general data traffic, to ensure a good connection.

Additionally, to ensure they provided a strong network, Easycomp installed a Pakedge R10 router in the master communications room. This relays internet signal to the two other communications rooms and the other Pakedge equipment on site.