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Daktronics installs ‘The Palace Screen Dubai’ on busy main artery

Partnering with OOH company Media247, Daktronics delivered the display for Dubai's busy Sheikh Zayed Road. It measures 18.24 metres high by 23.04 metres wide, and features 10mm pixel spacing

Daktronics and Media247, an OOH company in Dubai, have partnered to deliver a new digital display to Sheikh Zayed Road in Dubai, the main artery through the city, which sees thousands of people passing the location on an hourly basis. Advertising and other special messaging are now delivered on the screens to residents and visitors.

The display features 10mm pixel spacing to deliver crisp, vibrant imagery to passersby, along the heavily travelled road. It measures 18.24 metres high by 23.04 metres wide and features high-contrast louvers.

Each end of the display features a 1.92-metre area that curves backward from the face of the display. This curve adds intrigue to the display while assisting with viewing as traffic moves past in both directions. It is surrounded by a marble finish.

Smitta Ozha, CEO of Media247, said: “We are thrilled to announce the launch of ‘The Palace Screen Dubai,’ our premium DOOH asset on Sheikh Zayed Road in Dubai featuring an exclusive display of global luxury brands. We are also delighted to partner with Daktronics, known for their unwavering commitment to quality.”

Mathieu Verbraken from Daktronics Dubai, commented: “This is an exceptional design with a superb mix of traditional architecture and a cutting-edge display. The display features Daktronics’ high brightness and high contrast options, and blends in seamlessly through its curved corners into this magnificent structure.”