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CED stocks mains power distribution solution from Mainline

Electrical equipment distributor CED is now stocking the innovative and simple to install new track-based mains power distribution solution from Mainline.

The problem of adding, removing or repositioning a power socket outlet has been addressed in a power distribution system from Mainline. CED was quick to appreciate the benefits that the multi award-winning solution offers installers and end-users, and rapidly added this smart, simple to install and flexible mains power track and adaptor system to its stock lists.

Barry Brown, national account manager at CED, commented: “The opportunities for installation of this easily scalable and extremely flexible mains power access solution are huge. Mainline is quicker and easier to fit than an equivalent number of fixed power outlets, and it can be installed in new buildings and also as part of refurbishment and renovation programmes.”

Mainline not only enables power outlets to be quickly, simply and safely added or moved, it also eliminates the potential for room layout/usage limitations caused by the non-ideal location of fixed power outlets. This can lead to potentially hazardous ‘work-rounds’ involving overloading fixed sockets with multiple plugs and trailing extension leads.

Hospitals, schools, universities, and commercial and residential buildings are among the many different types of establishment where Mainline could be beneficially installed. The track and adaptors conform to all relevant British Safety Standards and can be cut to size on site and painted or finished to match if required.

Once Mainline has been installed, adding a new mains power outlet is simple. Insert a Mainline outlet adaptor into the appropriate section of track, then twist the adaptor clockwise to lock it into place – which also makes the outlet “live”. Similarly, power sockets can be instantly removed or repositioned anywhere along the length of a section of track, simply by turning the adaptor anti-clockwise.