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Cardiff retail centre equipped with Philips LED luminaires

The LEDs were supplied by Architainment and provide the centre’s operators with the opportunity to create a host of scenes and animated displays.

Collectively, 135 iColor Flex SLX luminaires are in use behind an opaque glass screen on the escalator. Each luminaire comprises 50 tri-colour RGH, individually addressable LED nodes spaced 100mm apart. Control is provided by a Pharos LPC 40 system.

“We wanted to encourage a good flow of customers through both the old and new sections of the centre,” commented Stephen Gill from project architect Benoy. “The illuminated wall on the escalator plays an important role in catching the eye of shoppers and encouraging them to move between the sections.”

Philips Lighting’s media relations manager, Barbara Neate, told II: “iColor Flex SL and SLX are multipurpose, LED-based strands that generate extraordinary effects and accommodate expansive installations without the constraints of fixture size, shape or space. Whether used in indoor or outdoor architectural environments, or in the entertainment sector, they bring an added dimension and sense of drama to the scene.”

Bristol Harbourside Lightwall in the UK and the Mi Casa Grill Catina in Las Vegas are among other locations to have been equipped with iColor Flex products.