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Canon adds XEED projectors

The raft of new developments is intended “to bring the highest-quality imaging to the business projector market”.

The raft of new developments is intended “to bring the highest-quality imaging to the business projector market”. Capitalising on Canon’s Liquid Crystal on Silicon (LCOS) technology, the XEED SX7 Mark II succeeds the XEED SX7 and features an ultra-bright 4,000 lumens output with high SXGA+ resolution and 1000:1 contrast ratio, as well as a new Photo mode which allows the user to compensate for the brightness and tone of ambient light through a series of pre-programmed setting options.

The other new addition to the XEED range is the XEED SX7 Mark II Medical, which offers such features as a DICOM Simulate mode with 21 presets to allow the user to optimise greyscale reproduction for the ambient light conditions, highlighting finer detail within digital X-rays to complement any PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication System).

In addition, Canon has announced three packages designed to help users to make the most of their Canon projector: Colour Calibration Solution is aimed at those using two or more projectors to create a multi-screen display and brings the dynamic ranges of two adjacent projectors together to remove the issue of ‘colour mismatch’; Passive Three-Dimension Imaging solution brings “easy on the eye” 3D technology to the creative and engineering industries; and AcuScreenPRO, available from Canon’s partner Larivière GmbH, is an on-site calibration system for Canon’s medical portfolio of XEED projectors.

Canon has also developed two new models for its LV series of low-cost LCD-based projectors. The LV-7280 is an XGA resolution projector with a brightness of 2,200 lumens that is designed to meet the needs of education and office workers, while the LV-8215 WXGA projector is said to offer more choice to customers seeking a “low-cost solution on all fronts: purchasing, running and environmental impact”.

Canon’s Julian J Rutland told Installation Europe: “As a company we’re keen to provide projection solutions for both the standard and the more specialist environments. The new LV series allows us to refocus on the XGA and WXGA areas of the market, while the addition of the SX7 Mark II and SX7 Mark II Medical strengthen our XEED range for specialist applications. The medical segment in particular is one of great interest to us, as all our feedback to date suggests there is great opportunity here that we can successfully address.”

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