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Barix enlisted for Hawaiian IP install

The Barix devices (pictured) enable the company to monitor more than 1,500 digital and analogue signals from critical equipment at 18 locations around Hawaii.

The newly installed system – programmed and delivered by Minnesota-based IP systems programmer and Barix distributor DataNab – allows Oceanic Time Warner to keep tabs on the health of electrical and HVAC equipment at its multiple distribution facilities from a central location using IP. The Barix equipment has been interfaced with InduSoft Web Studio automation software to log and graphically display information from the monitored points, recall system trends, and generate email alarm notifications. The Barionets also redundantly log data in the event that the link between the devices and the InduSoft server is broken.

“The flexibility of the Barionet has provided exceptional value to our operation,” commented Mark Melville, communications engineer at Oceanic Time Warner. “The majority of our devices are legacy and do not support SNMP, and the Barionet is ideal for interfacing with these systems. However, even systems that support both SNMP/contact closure and analogue test points have been wired as well to provide redundant monitoring via standard SNMP and the Barionet.”

Regarding the wider international success of the Barionet devices, Johannes G Rietschel, CEO and founder of Barix AG, told II: “The Barionet has found its way into many installations of diverse applications worldwide. Some of these applications for the Barix-branded product include energy metering and environmental monitoring, home automation and security/access solutions. The devices are also OEM’d by reputable companies such as Kaba and MS Neumann, who use them for access control, data collection and infrastructure monitoring.

“Many devices are sold in Europe but then make their way into remote places in the world. The most distant installation we are aware of is Neumeyer station in Antarctica, [where] the Barionet monitors the environment and power of a scientific mission on the ice shelf at extreme temperatures – purchased, planned and installed by Alfred Wegener Institute in Germany.”