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AVMI chooses Peerless-AV for showcase LED video wall in HQ

Peerless-AV and integrator AVMI have partnered to deliver a striking 8×4 Direct View LED (DvLED) Video Wall in AVMI’s Sunbury-on-Thames Headquarters and Network Operations Centre (NOC). The LED wall presents the ideal platform to demonstrate AVMI’s project capabilities from concept to delivery and is a great example of a seamless LED installation using Samsung IF Series Smart LED Signage and a custom DvLED mounting system from Peerless-AV.

The LED video wall replaces an ageing large-format LCD display that lacked impact and engagement with AVMI’s first- and second-line support team, responsible for monitoring and managing over 700 active service contracts across Europe. With the number of LED projects rapidly increasing, LED was the obvious choice for the NOC. The AVMI project team plan to display the original renders, engineering drawings, schematics and elevations for the video wall so that when customers visit, they can now see an example of a best practice installation and the scope of AVMI’s technical capabilities.

Stuart Davidson, Technical Services Director, and Kaz Varma, Project Manager at AVMI, were responsible for the installation and product specification. Both Samsung and Peerless-AV are key partners of AVMI, having worked on various major LED projects globally, hence it made sense for both vendors to collaborate on this HQ installation.

Samsung IF020H 2mm LED cabinets were fitted in-wall in an 8×4 configuration supported by a Peerless-AV custom made floor-to-ceiling mount solution. The mount substructure and components were laid out in a network infrastructure room behind the wall and built up in just a day. The pre-determined adaptor rails made for a quick assembly. Once the frame was in situ, the placement and power up of the LED cabinets took just a matter of hours.

The whole installation took three days in total, including fine tune adjustment and commissioning. Tight tolerances and wall plate spacers assured the cabinets were properly positioned. The height and depth adjustment provided by the mount ensured perfect pixel alignment and creation of one flat plane at the front, regardless of the wall imperfections.

Stuart Davidson, Technical Services Director at AVMI, commented, “It was a textbook installation, managed by an expert team from PSCo and Peerless-AV. The mount’s ability to correct a not perfectly level slab floor made for a quick and easy install. When the video wall was powered up, everyone in the NOC was gob smacked. It’s a great investment for the Centre and the team there so the reception has been very positive. Also, the quality of the LED is so good that our marketing team will be creating bespoke content that really showcases the work that AVMI does. Contract facts and figures just won’t do it justice.”