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Top tips for making green AV choices

Kris Humphreys Photography (c)

Investing in AV equipment can be daunting at the best of times, but trying to decipher how environmentally sound those purchasing decisions are can add a whole new level of complexity. We ask industry players for their advice when looking to make more sustainable choices.

Joe Benn, business development manager at Casio Projectors, sees four key considerations when it comes to looking for green AV. The first is to make sure you’re looking for versatile, flexible solutions which are going to provide you with many different functions: “Why choose several one-trick ponies when one device can do it all?” he says.

When it’s time to compare different products, the next key consideration should be power consumption, especially if it’s a big roll out or if the equipment is going to be used for long periods of time. “After that, it’s longevity,” he advises. “Lots of manufacturers design products with ‘planned obsolescence’, which means it’s designed to break after a certain period of time to try and stimulate more business. To avoid this, choose a manufacturer which is known for long lifecycles and reliability.

“Also, consider supply chains and sustainable sourcing of materials. It’s well-known that lots of electronics contain irresponsibly sourced or even dangerous metals, such as mercury. This should be avoided as much as possible.

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“Finally, it’s certainly the case that some manufacturer’s spec sheets are based on extremely conservative usage estimates, producing unrealistic specifications in terms of power consumption, or longevity. The true lifespan of a product is reflected in its warranty, as that’s what the manufacturer is confident it can cover within the cost.”

Bryan Raven, managing director at AV solutions integrator White Light, adds: “Achieving accreditations such as ISO 14001 and B Corp certification is a widely recognised and trusted endorsement of a company’s true green stature.”