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Anolis specified for ambitious entertainment retail/corporate complex

The concept behind the new facility is to provide the ultimate retail environment for musicians, installers, technical specifiers, venue owners and managers. The impressive space encompasses recording and demo studios, training and presentation areas, a coffee bar, specialist display areas, and more besides.

Keen to complement its new HQ with a well-engineered, environmentally-sensitive, Czech lighting brand, AudioMaster selected an Anolis specification that includes 16 ArcSource Outdoor 12/36 fixtures to up-light the second floor overhang outside the building; four Anolis ArcLine 36 strips in the second floor Music Caf_; and six Anolis ArcSource 3s, down-lit from the ceiling, to illuminate the glass lift.

In a planned second phase of work, Anolis equipment will be installed in the Conference Room and the multipurpose Music Hall.

AudioMaster started working with Robe and Anolis products three years ago, via Robe’s Czech and Slovakian distributor, KVS. According to AudioMaster’s product manager, Tobias Shenke, “it was a very convenient package that one manufacturer can deliver lighting for shows and events and also all types of architectural applications. We were impressed by their commitment to green policies and the innovative use of new technologies as they become available.”