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SMART certification for Steljes

The IWB (Interactive White Board) market continues to grow, and few argue with SMART's leadership of the sector. Steljes has now been awarded SMART's Certified Training Centre accreditation.

UK-headquartered distributor Steljes has been awarded SMART Certified Training Centre status for the UK and Ireland. This will enable Steljes Training Professional Services to conduct eligible certifications in compliance with any rules, requirements and guidelines with respect to such certifications as provided by SMART Technologies.

English schools are investing in continuous professional development (CPD) programmes for their staff in line with the recommendations from the Government’s Schools White Paper – The Importance of Teaching. The Government wants to make outstanding schools have a much greater role in teacher training in the same way that our best hospitals train new doctors and nurses. Training has therefore become a top priority for schools as they look at ways to raise education standards and make the most out of their existing investment in interactive technologies.

“I am delighted that we have been awarded SMART Certified Training Centre status,” said Nigel Peck, technical and customer service director at Steljes (pictured). “We are committed to developing Steljes Training Professional Services as one of our core propositions and achieving this status is part of our strategy to do this. We have heavily invested in both our people and our facilities so that we can offer even better training services than before. In addition to our face-to-face training courses, we are developing our online/remote training capabilities in order to meet growing demand in this area. Our reseller partners are taking advantage of including the cost of training courses in our Steljes Choices programme which offers schools a range of leasing agreements with payment options typically over 3-5 years.”