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Midwich launches new AV technology showcase

Beginning this month, Doremi will equip 70 new Odeon/UCI screens throughout the UK, Spain, Portugal, Germany and Austria, bringing the total number of DCI-compliant screens to 111. The development follows the recent news that Real D 3D EQ ‘ghost busting’ technology – said to significantly enhance the 3D viewing experience – will be available in Doremi servers during the next 2-3 months.

Owned by private equity company Terra Firma – whose portfolio also includes EMI, Phoenix Inns and William Hill – Odeon/UCI is the largest cinema operator outside of North America.

“Odeon/UCI is dedicated to installing the latest technology across our cinemas,” commented Drew Kaza, executive vice president of digital development for Odeon/UCI Cinemas. “We look forward to working with Doremi on this project.”

Regarding the DCP-2000’s success in the wider digital cinema market, Doremi Europe managing director Patrick Zucchetta told II: “The DCP-2000 has always been ahead of the market and we keep it there, always adding support such as 4K capability and the Theatre Library Management System. The first big successes were in the US and have spread to Europe, which now has 900 of the 5,500 units operating worldwide. Today, our 3D capability supporting all existing technologies – RealD (passive glasses), Xpand (active glasses) and Dolby 3D – is a major driver for sales as cinemas offer a bigger experience for their audiences.”