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NEC launches new range of digital signage solutions for improved retail experiences

New series of UHD displays, an out-of-the-box media player for the Raspberry Pi, Direct View LED and projectors to support growth in demand for retail signage

NEC Display Solutions Europe has announced a range of new digital signage technologies to support the boom in demand from retailers, comprising a new series of UHD displays, Direct View LED, digital signage projectors, and a new media player for Raspberry Pi.

Industry analysts Futuresource Consulting predicts that the EMEA digital signage LCD and LED display market will be worth approximately €2.82 billion by 2020, with over half of this in the retail sector as stores rush to harness benefits ranging from in-store advertising and entertainment, to product information, customer loyalty and sales support.

To support this growth, NEC has developed a new series of large format UHD displays that support both short and distance viewing through high level of detail and huge screen sizes. The new V and P Series large format displays feature a range of customisation options, including PCAP touch screens in 55” and 65”, Protective Glass for busy areas (all models), and Mirror Glass, which creates a magical interplay between fitting room mirror and digital screen, available in the P Series.

The new series of large format displays is complemented by its PX Series of maintenance-free projectors. Suited for 24/7 operation and boasting extraordinary brightness of between 8,000 – 10,000 ANSI lumen, the PX Series also enables media playback integration via the OPS Slot, enabling retailers to add specific compute capability without external cabling and power supply for the media source. As a result, retailers can create stunning images on surfaces and bring big creative images to life at low cost and with minimal maintenance.

NEC is also announcing free-standing Direct View LED (dvLED) for large surface visualisation – perfect for critical applications such as large scale outdoor billboards and presentation screens. At ISE 2019, the company will demonstrate 137” and 165” Full HD dvLED screens that are preconfigured to allow quick and easy installation and operation.

NEC is also presenting a new Media Player which combines budget-friendly media playback via the Raspberry Pi compute module with a powerful out-of-the box media playback solution for single screens and smaller networks. The new Media Player, which will be unveiled at ISE 2019, is easy and intuitive to use, enabling retailers to create and schedule bespoke playlists using all kinds of media formats. The open and modular approach also enables users to upgrade their compute module at any time – a significant advantage over built-in players.

“The High Street is battling back against online retail by providing unique customer experiences for shoppers, and digital signage is becoming one of the key differentiators in the sector,” said Thomas Walter, manager of strategic product marketing at NEC Display Solutions Europe.

“Large format displays are the most established choice for signage today as they deliver dependable brightness levels, size flexibility, high level of details for short viewing distances, as well as interactivity and touch capability,” continued Walter. “Not all technologies are equal, however, and it’s important to select the best fit for each particular use case. NEC is committed to providing the widest range of quality devices to suit every purpose, with interoperability as key focus of all our designs. We believe that retailers shouldn’t have to worry about issues such as maintenance and future-proofing, but should instead be able to focus their efforts on creating unique shopping experiences to attract customers’ attention and create desire – principles that underpin all our display families.”

The new UHD displays will be available from February (65”) and March (55”), while the Media Player is available from September 2019. The PX Series digital signage projectors are already available in various brightness and resolution levels.