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Meeting rooms as pixel playgrounds

Eirik Simonsen of Cyviz spoke at yesterday's Megapixel Summit on the "huge market for megapixel walls in normal meeting scenarios."

“We believe there is a huge market for megapixel walls in normal meeting scenarios,” said Eirik Simonsen of Cyviz at the Megapixel Summit, describing how customer requirements drove the company to address this market for large-scale collaborative telepresence solutions. “The meeting room is a forgotten space in terms of AV investment, it doesn’t reflect the digital way in which we work,” said Simonsen, adding that a room in which multiple sources can be viewed on a megapixel screen – ranging from 12ft to 36ft – becomes a preferred space for collaboration. “We have installed hundreds and they tend to be used more as they are more efficient. These rooms are mission-critical to industries like oil and gas.” Cyviz developed a solution that allows users to run HD videoconferences on a megapixel display, connect a variety of sources and devices to the screen, share content and control it easily. “We simplified the platform on all levels, becoming a deliverer of ‘shrink wrapped rooms’,” said Simonsen. “We focused on simplification and standardisation to drive volume and lower price.” Americas VP at Cyviz, Jeff Eisenhard, told the Daily that the biggest benefit of megapixel to users in this context is viewing vast amounts of information in one place. “Many sources spread across the wall means everybody can look at the data, collaborate and make better decisions. We call it a ‘pixel playground’.” “Each industry has different needs, it’s not always about high-resolution images or data, it’s about having all those pixels to play with so you can put a lot of data on the screen at one time.”