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A crash free, stress free videowall solution from Avenview

Michael Garwood 6 February 2018

 The Avxwall+ is Avenview’s second-generation modular videowall processor, and features more powerful processing, more bandwidth and additional features

At ISE, live demos of the features – including on-screen display, KVM, drag-and-drop, resize, pinch, zoom and picture-in-picture functionality are being presented, and visitors to the stand are able to try the iPad Control app for themselves.

Built on a hardware platform, the Avxwall+ uses FPGA processors to provide fast and reliable performance. Since it is not based on a PC platform, the system is stable and is not susceptible to system crashes, viruses or computer hacks. Start-up is very fast (less than 20s) and each of the I/O cards is hot-swappable; if any card needs to be upgraded or replaced, the system does not have to be shut down, thereby preserving uptime.

The Avxwall+ provides multi-user management, allowing different users to have controlled access with different user permissions and control settings for each. These same user management controls are also available on the iPad app for videowall control.

The optional confidence monitor card provides a secure output of the entire videowall to another screen, so that the operator can view, monitor, stream or record for back-up and security purposes.

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