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Hall Research 4K-Javelin cables extend HDMI further than copper

At ISE 2015, Hall Research showed its 4K-Javelin active plenum HDMI cables, which have been added to the company’s line of digital extension products. The cables utilise what Hall Research says is the latest in optoelectronics to extend HDMI signals far beyond the typical limitations of copper cables. The cables are a hybrid of fibre and copper that allow HDMI signals to be extended 200 feet or longer with zero loss. All PC and HDTV resolutions are supported, including 4K Ultra HD. The HDCP-compliant cables also support DDC and CEC. Proprietary circuitry is incorporated inside the HDMI connectors to convert the video signals to light pulses and back.

The cables are available in standard lengths to 200 feet. No external power supply is required as power is drawn from the 5V signal pin of the source HDMI output.

The 4K-Javelin can, says Hall Research, be used like regular HDMI cables but without the worry of boosters or equalisers.