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Futuresource Consulting and BCC Research announce strategic merger

Both companies retain their brand identities while sitting collectively under a new name. A lot of resources and expertise will be shared, and the unified entity has combined offices across the UK, USA, and India

UK-based Futuresource Consulting and Boston-based BCC Research have announced a strategic merger of the two companies. The formal process of the merger began in February 2024, with a targeted completion date in April 2024. Both companies will retain their respective brand identities while sitting collectively under a new name.

“There are strong synergies between BCC Research and Futuresource Consulting which can now be fully realised. The brands share complementary research offerings and together can provide our clients with a greater depth and breadth of research,” said Craig Ive, interim CEO and portfolio manager of the two companies. Futuresource has leading technology expertise, while BCC’s strengths lie in the life sciences. These two distinct industries are increasingly interacting with and informing one another, creating opportunities for more robust and expansive research.”

The companies said key areas set to benefit from the merger include:

  • Enhanced product and service offerings: The expectation is that the complementary research offerings will facilitate a wider range of offerings.
  • Customer Success Team: A newly created Customer Success Team will focus on building strong relationships with clients while providing a space to share regular feedback.
  • Streamlined processes: Operating systems and processes will be transformed and simplified.
  • Technological innovation: With combined resources and expertise, the merged companies can better leverage cutting-edge technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI).
  • Expanded reach: The move will expand the global footprint of both companies, with the unified entity now having combined offices across the UK, USA, and India.

Ive admitted that the logistical complications could cause some temporary inconvenience. “With formal processes still in motion, some services may experience temporary disruption,” he said. “We aim to make the transition as smooth as possible to keep this to a minimum. With completion set to formalise in the coming weeks, clients can expect the full strength of our operations to be restored shortly.”

He added: “We plan to implement a new advisory service to provide the depth and personalisation that clients are increasingly seeking. Moreover, the creation of the new virtual community for our clients and analysts will give us a unique offering within the multi-billion-dollar market research industry.”