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Platforming for successful systems integration

Tim Bigoness, VP sales and marketing at D-Tools outlines five reasons why companies should use a dedicated AV platform to run their business

Systems integration is a tricky business. Technology evolves quickly, requiring a company to be nimble and flexible in its business operations. Factor in the diverse needs of your customers, and you can easily drown in the details. Popular software programs can help somewhat, but for complete management of your business – from the inception of a project to post-installation service – a solution custom-designed around the intricate workflow of systems integration is required; a solution that empowers employees with clear, concise details about every aspect of a project and enables smooth, fluid communication and collaboration between all involved parties. 

Here are five reasons to invest in a business management software platform designed specifically for the AV industry:

It streamlines workflow & increases efficiency
Completing jobs in a timely manner is the lifeblood of any successful integration company. A software platform customised exclusively for the AV industry tracks each specific step of a project and monitors its progress throughout. There’s no confusion over employee responsibilities as tasks can be assigned to specific individuals who can provide input when necessary to avoid roadblocks in the schedule and to keep all parties aligned and focused on the end-result. Confusion and conflicts are minimised; clarity and efficiency are maximised. Plus, you’ll be able to use the documentation to define where you might be falling short and how you can make improvements to maximise efficiency, productivity and the overall work experience. 

It keeps everyone accountable & boosts morale
There’s no question about who’s responsible for certain assignments when they are archived in a document that everyone can access. This keeps employees accountable and provides them with a sense of purpose – good for company morale. Based on each employee’s contributions, you can identify where you may need to add resources and how you help the team be more successful. 

It calculates costs for proactive budgeting
Custom fields in the software for labour and equipment are calculated automatically, resulting in greater accuracy in cost estimation, reporting and budgeting. Any changes to the project are immediately reflected in the quote, precluding costly budgetary surprises and projects running over budget. Additionally, the software can be used to generate payment requests. Incoming revenue streams can be integrated with payment systems for more efficient cash flow.

It reduces tedious data entry and potential mistakes
Often built into AV business management software are product libraries from multiple vendors. These can be used to quickly and accurately build an itemised list of components that your whole team can refer to and generate a polished proposal to present to your customers. Plus, the libraries are continually updated so you’ll know immediately if something is out of stock and can take quick action to resolve. You’ll be able to accelerate your response time for quotes and estimate requests, which ultimately increases your chances of winning jobs.

Greater professionalism and profitability
Good communication and collaboration are important to any business endeavour; for the AV industry keeping those lines of communication open and fluid can be difficult given the myriad of individuals – colleagues, customers, and contractors – involved in a project. A centralised AV-focused software platform fosters better teamwork and solidifies your reputation as a company that’s polished, professional, and on-point – all leading to enhanced profitability.