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Visionect offers low-power, cord-free digital signage

E-ink display manufacturer Visionect, creator of the JOAN room scheduling solution, has announced the availability of the new Place & Play 32″ signage concept. Described as the most easy-to-use large-format digital sign in existence, the new device combines mount, display and software player in a completely cordless solution. Battery life is measured in months.

Measuring 32in diagonally with 16-level greyscale and 2560 x 1440 resolution, Place & Play 32” is an all-in-one indoor device that works straight out of the box. It offers high levels of readability with the feel of ink on paper, without glare or light pollution. Enclosed in a precision-brushed aluminum casing, Place & Play 32” is reinforced with a durable glass pane to protect against scratching and hazing.

All major content management systems are supported, and displaying content on Place & Play 32” is a simple matter of using a web link. The device’s ultra low power consumption – said to be 99% less than that of LCD or LED – results in an unparalleled battery life measured in months.

The new product joins the existing Place & Play 13”, the 13in device previously available as part of the Early Adopter Program.

Visionect technology powers 90% of the world’s electronic paper projects, from traffic signs, bus stops, truckside displays and museum labels, as well as JOAN room scheduling displays.

Place & Play 32” is currently available in preorders, for a special price, with delivery expected in the first quarter of 2018. The device is available in two versions: a large-format digital display, with web CMS support to easily show any message; and as a Development Kit to generate revenue by developing a custom digital sign through the use of standard web technologies.