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Vestel expands offering with trio of display launches

Vestel has announced the launch of the PDU digital signage range, NB Stretch Display and VW Video Wall Series.

The PDU range (pictured) includes 75in, 86in and 98in displays to provide businesses with more opportunity to create cost-effective place-based media. The displays include Quadcore System-on-Chip technology for quick set-up and have built-in tablet-like functionality and access to cloud content management systems.

“With this range, every bricks and mortar business has the opportunity to harness the power of digital marketing,” said Vestel Head of UK B2B Sales, Mark Dew.

“Designed for flexibility, the displays promise retailers as well as those in the hospitality and leisure industries an integrated marketing solution that encompasses long-term customer relationship management as well as immediate on-site promotional activity.”

Another addition to Vestel’s offering is the NB Stretch Display – a versatile 37in screen for a wide range of applications including installation above clothes rails, or on store shelves or in narrow corridors and ceilings or behind reception desks.

Designed with full HD resolution, the NB 37 screen also offers brightness levels of 700 Nits for picture clarity. Ensuring greater anti-glare resistance, it can be fitted in a wider variety of light-reflecting areas, including window display walls as well as mirrored fitting rooms.

Dew commented: “Whilst the NB Display is certainly ideal for niche spaces, it is by no means a niche product. Easy to adopt and integrate, it’s an ultra-flexible solution, enabling businesses of all sizes to make a showcase out of every available space.”

The third and final launch is the VW Video Wall Series, available in 49in and 55in displays, this series requires a single connection between every two displays and the screens can be set up in pairs, and up to a 10 x 10 formation. The displays come with 1.8mm-3.8mm pixel pitches to ensure image clarity from even the closest viewing distances.

“With the VW Series, we’re challenging the sector status quo, offering a much more affordable Video Wall Solution,” stated Dew

“Given the fact that some of the most popular global sporting tournaments are now on the horizon, the timing of this launch is especially apt, giving existing as well as new build indoor stadia, leisure centres and sporting venues more opportunity to ramp up their promotional activities and services. A scalable and flexible solution, the VW Series is compatible with a greater range of content management software, providing multi-functional support for everything from advertising to the display of leader board information.”