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Utelogy grows 270% year on year and expands partnerships

Significant growth in revenues dovetails with international expansion

Utelogy Corporation, a global leader in the monitoring, control and automation for workplace management, has announced significant growth in YoY revenues and bookings of 270% as it continues its international expansion.

“Utelogy is responding to the needs of an increasingly connected and technology-reliant global workspace by delivering cost saving solutions with elevated user experience through insights and analytics,” said Utelogy CEO Kevin Morrison. “We are also continually growing our global partner network to meet the increasing demands of our enterprise customers.

“Focusing on the voice of the customer has given us the ability to grow Utelogy 270% from Q1 2020 to Q1 2021. This falls in line with the recent AV Service Management trends report by Futuresource that predicts a 400% growth rate in the next four years.”

With remote and hybrid workspaces with flexible collaboration areas becoming the rule rather than the exception, the management of these systems is shifting from AV-based to IT-focused, says Utelogy, with an emphasis on networked systems offering performance, quality and easy collaboration, whether employees are working in an office or from home.

“Organisations are looking for the right toolset of technology and services,” said Jonathan Mangnall, managing director, EMEA, for Utelogy. “Our platform turns the support for this initiative from reactive to proactive, resonating with companies who are more geographically dispersed than ever.”

Utelogy is seeing a shift from a traditional product ‘break/fix’ approach to ‘intelligent’ managed services models offering comprehensive solutions combining AV devices, software and exceptional support. These changes occurring in the global workspace require organisations to adapt their logistical operations as well as their business mindset, presenting challenges but also significant growth opportunities.

Meanwhile, Utelogy has further expanded its Utelligence Program for AV and UC Device Standardization by introducing new drivers for GUDE Systems PDUs (power distribution units). This alliance with the manufacturer of intelligent IP power strips provides added benefits to installers.

Because of Gude’s open API interface, it can be integrated anywhere quickly and easily with the use of REST API, HTTP, SNMP and Telnet. This makes GUDE a “perfect partner” to be integrated into Utelogy’s Utelligence program, says the company.