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Turn your unused meeting room display into  digital signage with Mersive’s Solstice update

Any screen in any meeting space can display digital signage content when it’s not being used

Want to maximise your digital display investment? The release of Solstice version 3.4 by Mersive Technologies now allows any screen in any meeting space to display digital signage content when not being used for its primary function. 

Solstice 3.4, announced earlier this month, is designed to provide a seamless transition between digital signage and wireless sharing/collaboration. The new version supports the playback of HTML signage content from a designated URL between meetings. As an add-on delivered via a software update, Solstice digital signage is cost effective for deployment in the smallest huddle space as well as the largest auditoria.

“Solstice now brings digital signage to meeting spaces and wireless collaboration to digital signage spaces,” commented Chris Jaynes, CTO of Mersive. “Solstice is evolving in to a complete meeting platform, including scheduling before the meeting, collaboration during the meeting and signage display at all other times. Mersive is making signage an affordable option in every meeting space in a building including the smallest huddle rooms.”

He continued, “Screens appear on almost every wall in commercial, education and other environments. We’re bringing completely new flexibility to how they can be used. We anticipate that screens in transition spaces and other digital signage endpoints will be adapted to allow collaboration between colleagues ‘on the fly’. Meetings can even start in the corridor while participants wait for the meeting space itself to become free.”

The addition of digital signage capabilities in the Solstice 3.4 release follows room calendar integration with Solstice added last year.