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The Source completes skate park project with Penn Elcom LED lighting

Penn Elcom has supplied specialist LED lighting for the retail areas of The Source, a new £1.25m Skate and BMX park in Hastings, UK.

The skate park was the brainchild of Rich and Marc Moore, owners of The Source BMX, and was built on the site of the former municipal White Rock swimming baths, originally opened in 1878.

When the skate park project was in its infancy two years ago, Rich Moore asked Penn Elcom’s Rob Platt if the company could propose a lighting scheme. Rob engaged lighting specialists Nigel Howes and Razvan Vassiliu and the three worked to design and specify a lighting solution for the park’s retail areas.

The brief for lighting the show required a blend of eye-catching lighting for the display cabinets, and practical and appropriate lighting for general illumination of the spacious environment.

The Penn Elcom team suggested LED for its cost saving, longevity and low maintenance, putting forward a combination of products from their own Comus proprietary product range and from Osram.

It was important that the main lighting emulated daylight, so 32x Comus 600×600 cold-white LED panels with a 5700K colour temperature were chosen and installed in the ceiling of the shop area.

The display cases needed a different approach, so to highlight and accentuate their shaping and depth, they are outlined with Value Flex VF600-G2, a flexible Osram LED product – for which Penn Elcom is a distributor. The daylight option at 6500K was chosen to best match the cool white appearance of the LED panels.

The Flex is ensconced in Comus aluminium profile casing for stability and protection and which also acts as a heat sink, assisting in dissipating the heat and boosting the lifespan of the LEDs. The casing is fitted with a clear cover for protection and maximum light transmission.

A quantity of Comus cables and Neutrik connections were also delivered by Penn as part of their package for use with various AV elements.

Rob Platt commented: “We are extremely proud to be involved in this project which is unique in the world. Rich and Marc have really pulled off something extraordinary in converting the disused and neglected old baths into a thriving hub for anyone into skating and BMX’ing. It’s no understatement to say that The Source will change Hastings.”

Penn Elcom LED lighting