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Sommer Cable launches HICON HDBaseT extender

The latest addition to Sommer Cable's range of cabling solutions incorporates patented HDBaseT technology to enable the transmission of HDMI signals – 1080p, 3D HDCP and more –over a single CAT 6 cable.

Professional AV cable system specialist Sommer Cable has introduced the HICON HDBaseT extender set, designed for the single-cable transmission of HDMI signals, including 1080p, 3D, 4K, ARC, HDCP, 7.1CH, Home Cinema TrueHD, DTS-HD. The system allows a single Cat6 cable to transmit high-resolution HDMI signals from AV sources, as well as 10/100 BaseT Ethernet transmissions, over distances of up to 100m. The system comprises one transmitter, one receiver, two power supplies and one non-wireless infrared transmitter.
 Connected devices – such as Blu-ray players, AV receivers and set-top boxes – can be controlled remotely from an integrated infrared function. This enables infrared signals to be sent over the Cat6 cable to operate the device. A non-wireless IR transmitter is connected to the HD-BaseT transmitter and angled towards those device(s), while the receiver has an integrated IR receiver.
 The receiver features a built-in two-port Ethernet switch, which allows its connection to two terminal devices (such as a projector or display). These can be integrated into the network via a patch cable which then connects to the transmitter.
 For the HDBaseT se,t Sommer Cable optionally supplies the matching ready-made installation cable kit. It contains a single-sided finished Cat7 installation line (1,000 MHz) with an open end. The line can thus be laid iand cut to the required length. 
 Also included is the no-tools mountable RJ45 metal plug connector for the open end. For mobile applications with the HDBaseT set Sommer Cable recommends the flexible and robust SC MERCATOR CAT.7 PUR XL. This AWG 23/7 line is suited for “on the road” use.